High Temperature Chamber Furnaces

High-temperature chamber furnaces with molybdenum disilicide heaters, temperature range up to 1800 ° C.

High-temperature furnaces AGNI VPK are designed to perform the tasks of high-temperature heat treatment of ceramics with a maximum temperature of 1800 degrees.

The key feature of high-temperature VPK furnaces is:


Compact and high energy efficiency.

As insulation, a high-quality polycrystalline aluminum oxide plate with an operating temperature of 1600 ° C, 1700 ° C, 1750 ° C, 1800 ° C is used.

Heating elements - molybdenum disilicide.

The following processes can be implemented in furnaces:

  • Sintering bioceramics
  • Plasticizer Removal
  • Ligament removal
  • Sintering of ceramic materials
  • Ceramics firing
  • Synthesis of new materials


Technical description of chamber furnaces AGNI VPK

  • Arrangement of heaters on both sides (for chamber furnaces)
  • Multilayer thermal insulation (lining) of the working chamber from polycrystalline aluminum oxide fiber plates and microporous plates
  • Double-groove thermal door lock
  • The working chamber of the furnace is mounted in a separate quick-detachable box
  • The door is mounted in a separate quick-release box
  • Reinforced bottom of the furnace chamber - transverse reinforced with ceramic pipes for loading heavy cages
  • Strengthening the stiffness of the lining of the walls and arch - longitudinal reinforcement with ceramic pipes
  • Furnace design - monoblock with integrated power unit and automation
  • Door opening - plane-parallel, up or sideways
  • Air-cooled dual housing
  • Groove joint for a perfect fit and minimal heat loss
  • For processes with aggressive media, lightweight brick insulation is used in the chamber.
  • Compact monoblock design, control units and power electronics units are located in the furnace body
  • Thyristor control of heaters
  • Oven overheat protection. The emergency channel operates on the principle of threshold control, when the temperature is exceeded above the set threshold, the furnace power is turned off and the furnace is put into a safe state.

Additional equipment of high-temperature furnaces AGNI

  • Equipped with a kit for the removal of binders to combine the processes of burning and sintering
  • Vent in the arch of the furnace with programmable gate opening
  • Compulsory camera cooling system, frequency-controlled fan
  • Electromechanical air vent
  • Stainless steel exhaust shrouds
  • Pre-heated air purge system up to 500 ° C
  • Exhaust Fan, Separate Binder Removal Gate
  • Pneumatic door opening
  • Double mortise door lock
  • Mechanical protection of heaters against damage
  • Ultrapure Zirconia Sintering Heaters
  • Inert gas purge chamber kit
  • Protective gas-tight corundum cap installed in the furnace chamber for supplying and discharging gases
  • Catalytic or thermal gas cleaning system
  • Independent temperature control system


  • Operation manual for the oven.
  • Operation manual on the controller.
  • Passport on the stove.
  • Certificates of primary calibration of thermocouples.
  • Certificate of initial verification of the controller.



  • The standard factory warranty is 12 months, but not more than 18 months from the date of issue.
  • It is possible to conclude a service contract for servicing a high-temperature furnace with an extended warranty.
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Design and manufacture of electric furnaces and individual heating systems from 100 to 1800 ° C, supply of components.
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