Machine for corrosion testing of materials in accordance with GOST 9.019-74

Machine for testing long-term strength in a corrosive environment A
horizontal machine is designed to test metal samples for long-term strength in a corrosive environment in accordance with GOST 9.019-74 (ISO 9591-89).

Technical description

Machine for testing long-term strength in a corrosive environment according to GOST 9.019-74 (ISO 9591-89):

- The number of loaded chains at the same time, pcs. 1 - 10 (optional);

- The maximum, minimum load and the step of changing the load on each load chain is selected according to customer requirements;

- Ability to install up to 10 flat or round samples in one chain;

- All bearing surfaces are machined to achieve the best parallelism of the entire frame;

- Adjustable supports of the testing machine provide alignment and precise installation during installation;

- Distribution of efforts through the lever system installed below;

- The connection of the rods with the samples through the system of fixing pins;

- Connection of samples in the load chain through a system of adapters;

- Adapters have high corrosion resistance to ensure continuous operation in the load chains.

- The kit includes adapters for connecting 5 round or flat samples;

- The loading is provided with loads, for each test rod a set of loads according to the technical specifications of the customer.

- Step loading with loads;

- Electronic system for recording test time;

- Indication: what is the load on each circuit and the number of cycles of changes in the corrosive medium (or exposure time in the medium);

- Dimensions of the test bath LxWxD, mm (optional);

- The filling height of the test bath solution, mm (optional);

- The bathtub is made of material resistant to 5% NaCl;

- The bathtub is equipped with a protective cover made of transparent material;

- The machine includes a time-controlled cyclic system for filling and draining the solution into the test bath;

- Machine dimensions LxWxH, mm (optional).

- Software based on licensed Windows in Russian - 1 set.

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